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Stop Smoking With Hypnosis*

Discover why Hypnosis is the most successful way to help people stop smoking, more then any other method. Hands Down!


Brian Eslick has cracked the code and is able to help you stop smoking once and for all. Re-program your habit with hypnosis today. Don’t delay, start breathing easier and feeling better this week.

“It’s not a matter if you’re going to die from smoking, it’s when”


Most people know that by stop smoking they could save their health and several thousand dollars a year. So, why do people continue to smoke? It all comes down to one thing…FEAR.

  • Fear that you’ll have to give up your crutch or pleasure.
  • Fear that you won’t be able to enjoy life or handle stress.
  • Fear that you will put on weight.
  • Fear that you’ll have to go through an awful trauma to get free
  • Fear that you’ll never get completely free of the craving.
  • Fear that it is going to be too painful and too difficult!



Most people focus on why they can’t stop.

Change your mindset to positive thinking, what are the benefits of you stop smoking?

Here’s what people tell me:

  • Health reasons:
    Feel Better
    Breath Easier
    Color Back in Skin
    Increase Blood Flow
    Repair my body
    live longer
  • Smell Better
  • Save Money
  • Be more social
  • Be around for my grandkids
  • More relaxed and focused
  • I want to taste my food
  • Feel good

What’s your reason?

Stop Smoking Expert Brian Eslick



No you are not addicted to nicotine. Smoking is a habit not an addiction. I’ve seen ZERO people who want to get off the patch or gum. Habits are located in the subconscious mind, hypnosis can access and reprogram habits. Hypnosis is a 100% consent state, so you have to want the habit to change for it to work effectively.


When smokers try to stop with other methods, they suffer misery and depression caused by the feeling that they are being deprived of a pleasure or a crutch. The beauty of hypnosis, and the way we use hypnosis in particular, is that it removes this feeling of deprivation. It removes the need, and the desire, to smoke. You won’t need useless aids, gimmicks, or substitutes. No nicotine gum or patches. No Vapes. All that you have to do with hypnosis is sit back in a nice comfortable chair and relax. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

“I’ve smoked for 30 years, after one session with Brian I’ve been smoke Free for 4 months now. I feel fantastic!’

Thank you

Dave P


Simply because it works!* The results of more than 600 studies of 72,000 people from America and Europe to compare various methods of quitting. On average, hypnosis was over three times as effective as nicotine replacement methods and 15 times as effective as trying to quit alone. University of Iowa, Journal of Applied Psychology, How One in Five Give Up Smoking.


1st Make the decision to quit. Don’t do it because someone else tells you to quit, do it because you are ready to quit.

“This is all fine and dandy but how much is it?” 

Not as much as you think, I could easily charge twice as much.  Ask yourself how much do you spent a week, a month, or perhaps a year on cigarettes? Re-coop your investment in just a few weeks and save the rest for a vacation.

Brian Eslick’s Stop Smoking Program With Lifetime Support!


  1. Special 2 hour session includes intake, questions & answers, in-depth Hypnosis information, and an advanced deep trance hypnosis session. Designed for you to Stop Smoking in one session!
  2. My Stop Smoking Audio program for continued reinforcement as needed.
  3. Plus unknown information the cigarette companies don’t want you to know, a complete game changer about cigarettes. (Priceless)
  4. Ongoing Phone, Email and session support, did I mention a lifetime support! Come back as many times as you need.

“Why do you specialize in helping people stop smoking?”

Just worked out that way, I certainly didn’t plain this path that’s for sure. Both my parents smoked, I grew up around it. Not a big deal never really bothered me. I smoked for a few years while in the Air Force, I think from stress but then just became a habit. I stopped with Hypnosis. Then a few years ago my dad went for a Dr. visit and was diagnosed with stage 4 lung, neck, brain cancer. He had one chemotherapy treatment and had a stroke the next day. I flew out to see him in Arizona, we placed him in long term care. I flew home, and he died the next day. My son no longer has a grandfather that loved him so much. My mom died a year later, from a broken heart and smoking related disease.

“Smoking catches up with you and affects so many lives. Hypnosis found me, I certainly didn’t plan this. I want to help you stop, are you ready?”

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