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  • Confidence

  • Confidence

    Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

    Self-confidence Is defined as the belief that you can accomplish something. Self-esteem is the belief that you are deserving and worthy.

    How can hypnosis impact your levels of self-esteem and self-confidence?

    By working on your own beliefs about yourself, you can change the negative thoughts and reprogram your mind to think positive things.*

    Self-confidence is essential for everyone – especially working people who need on-the-job confidence to perform well at work. One highly effective way to create such confidence is through modeling.

    “I have met with Brian twice and he is a great hypnotist. He is very clear as to what he can offer and is very positive. He also went through all the details of what the misconceptions of hypnotism are as well as what the facts are exactly. I felt very comfortable. He provided water and a blanket. The results were worth it. I highly recommend him.”

    Dana C

    “I worked with Brian 4 sessions. I believe he helped me realize and clear up a few things.”

    Scott B

    “Periodic sessions with Brian have helped me lift myself out of the doldrums and think more positively and creatively on a daily basis. I had never tried hypnotherapy before Brian, but now find it so helpful in many situations. He taught me to hypnotize myself, so it is a very useful tool for me now. Brian’s true caring and empathy for his clients is obvious from the first meeting with him. He explains a lot about hypnosis for the novice, answering all questions. I highly recommend everyone try it, keep an open mind and embrace the results.

    He has truly helped me.”

    Kathryn S