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    Hypnosis Can Help With Gambling Addiction*

    Gambling is a widespread activity, with 86% of the general adult population endorsing lifetime participation in traditional forms of gambling and 52% of adults reporting participation in past-year lottery gambling.

    In the USA there is twice as more addicted gamblers than cancer patients.

    Each compulsive gambler in the USA costs the economy approximately $16,000 per year.

    25% of addictive gamblers have tried to commit suicide and Nevada has been the center for such attempts for the last 12 years.

    Harvard research presents that 92% of addicted gamblers tend to relapse.

    Between 4% and 8% of American youngsters become addicted nowadays.

    672,000 American college students and millions of teens are addicted to gambling.

    Americans that live within 50 miles near the casino, have the doubled rate of going there and becoming addicted.

    Living within 10 miles of a casino increases the chance of becoming a problem gambler by 90%. 30 to 50 percent of casinos revenues come from problem gamblers.

    Addictive gamblers cost the United States over 35 billion dollars a year.

    More than 53 percent of problem gamblers have been divorced, with multiple failed marriages higher than the general population.

    When 400 compulsive gamblers were surveyed, 57% admitted stealing to finance their gambling.

    On average, these gamblers stole over $130,000.00. Over 60% of those addicted to gambling will commit crimes.

    Over 62% of gambling addicts are alcoholics. Alcoholics don’t turn to gambling, but gamblers turn to alcohol to relieve mental pressures.

    Brian Eslick has special trianing and certification in Gambling Addiction Hypnosis.

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