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    Lack of sleep and insomnia are an escalating problem in our modern world. As with stress reduction techniques, a state of hypnosis can help regular people quiet the cacophony of their inner minds, and finally allow themselves to get some restful sleep.

    But don’t worry – you will always wake up when you need to!

    One easy way to get to sleep that is extremely popular with people everywhere is progressive relaxation. This method is used by many people that don’t even realize that this relaxation technique is used in the induction and deepening of hypnosis.

    Start by completely relaxing your body in bed. Close your eyes. Slowly start at the top of your head and work your way to your toes, recognizing and putting each body part to sleep. Concentrate on breathing and regulating breath. Most people end this practice feeling calm and relaxed, with a mind that is no longer racing but instead blank and ready for sleep to take over.

    I have a wonderful Insomnia Hypnosis audio program that can help you. For a live Insomnia Hypnosis session just give me a call at (732) 412-5570 and schedule a session. Sleep has never been so easy.