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  • Disclaimer

  • Consulting Hypnotism is motivational coaching by means of hypnotism and is not considered health care.  Therefore, health insurance does not normally cover hypnotism and you will be paying directly at time of service. Upon request we can provide information for you to self submit to your insurance. It is your responsibility to communicate and confirm benifits with your insurance.

    Brian Eslick, BCH is not a Physician, he does not practice medicine, and does not diagnose or treat any medical condition. Hypnosis does not constitute Psychiatric treatment, Psychotherapy or Psychoanalysis. Hypnosis is considered self-help & self-improvement.

    The success of hypnosis sessions depends greatly on your own ability and desire to affect change in yourself and the results depend greatly on your own serious participation and follow through. Understand that although hypnosis can be very effective and has a high success rate, Brian Eslick, BCH, New Jersey Family Hypnosis, Brian Eslick Enterprises LLC does not offer a guarantee nor a refund, as your own personal success depends on your own ability and desire to create change in yourself. Individual results do very

    Lifetime Guarantee: The stop smoking program comes with a lifetime guarantee for as long as New Jersey Family Hypnosis is in business. Paid participants may come back for additional sessions at no cost, as long as there is a sincere desire and effort to stop smoking.

    Payment Plans: 1st payment is due at session.

    Detailed Privacy Policy is available Here