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  • Painless Childbirth

  • Painless Childbirth Hypnosis Program*

    Take the beautiful experience of childbirth to the next level with 4 pre-birth sessions and one post birth session, in this one of a kind Painless Hypnosis program.

    Learn positive thoughts and relaxation techniques that are pleasant, wonderful, peaceful and relaxing. This program is recommended 2 to 3 months before delivery. 

    Session #1

    Discover the power of your mind and learn how to create a numbing sensation and transfer it anywhere on your body

    Create a special relaxing wonderful place in your mind you can go to at anytime. You are in control.

    Advanced positive future imagery of your life and beautiful baby. This experience alone is worth the entire investment of the program.

    Session #2

    Will help condition you to Hypnosis and verify we have selected the correct primary and backup technique for pain management. 

    Most people respond well to transferring numbness, maybe the use of progression or visualization. 

    This session is actually three mini session, go into Hypnosis, test, emerge, evaluate and discuss. Induce Hypnosis, reinforce each technique. Verity the sensations. 

    Positive suggestions of success are delivered.

    Session #3

    Into Hypnotic state and allow you to experience the primary and backup techniques.

    Experience two strategies by use of a post-hypnotic suggestion. These suggestions will be given while in Hypnosis, then emerge wide awake and fully alert. 

    We will test the suggestions while you are awake and see how you respond. 

    These post-hypnotic suggestions will stay with you until you are ready to use them at delivery. 

    Session #4

    You will use primary and back up strategy without hypnosis. You will enter the relaxed state on your own and realize you are in control.

    Back into Hypnosis with special instruction and information that will ensure a beautiful day of birth of your child.

    Confirm you know what to do as labor begins, a bit of pressure, but not pain. You are a winner!

    No, I don’t go with you for delivery, you will have the tools!

    Session #5  Post-Birth a few weeks after.

    Designed to help with adjustment to a change in your life. 

    Very nice relaxing stress and anxiety session. A great excuse to leave baby at home with family, so you can have some mommy personal time. 🙂

    Address any post birth pain issues perhapes from stretching, scarring, or surgical procedures. 

    Having a baby is both exciting and scary. Don’t buy into the horror stories of family and friends. With correct training, mindset, and techniques this will be a beautiful relaxing day.

    We also have programs for Morning Sickness, Bed-Wetting for Women, Kegal Exercises, Anxiety, Insomnia, Increase Self Worth for Women, Anger Management, Stress and Worry.

    “One of the most important things you can do for yourself.”

    Call now to schedule or for more information (732) 412-5570


    *Brian Eslick, CH is not a Physician, he does not practice medicine, and does not diagnose or treat any medical condition. Hypnosis does not constitute Psychiatric treatment, Psychotherapy or Psychoanalysis. Hypnosis is considered self-help & self-improvement.

    The success of hypnosis sessions depends greatly on your own ability and desire to affect change in yourself and the results depend greatly on your own serious participation and follow through. Understand that although hypnosis can be very effective and has a high success rate, Brian Eslick, CH and New Jersey Family Hypnosis does not offer a guarantee nor a refund, as your own personal success depends on your own ability and desire to create change in yourself. Individual results do very