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  • Sensible Weight Loss System

  • New System to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals – Here’s How it Works!

    This is a fresh approach to weight loss with built in goal accomplishments to drive motivation to achieve the weight loss goals.

    This program works with sensible and reasonable guidelines.

    You Don’t Need Willpower and You Don’t Make Sacrifices

    One of the factors of success in this program is that we reframe that issue so you are empowered to understand you are not giving up or sacrificing anything – you are gaining EVERYTHING!

    In addition, most people lack willpower, so the “Sensory Enhanced” hypnosis is used to program you on a subconscious level so that willpower is not needed . Willpower is typically a tool for short-term change only. This program is about a permanent lifestyle change devoted to your better health and slimmer appearance.

    This program focuses on weight loss for even people that have tried to lose weight in the past and failed.

    In addition, this is not a diet. Diets focus on the external, such as food, and for many people diets don’t work. This program focuses on the internal – making permanent, dramatic, changes in eating behavior and mindset.

    If you want to lose weight, this program will allow you to conquer bad habits and empower yourself to overcome obstacles to permanent weight loss without sacrifice or willpower.

    Warning: Your Participation is Required!

    Please don’t think just ordering this program will allow you to drop the pounds. You must participate on a daily basis by experiencing the “Sensory Enhanced” trance state. It takes 28 minutes a day. If you cannot do that, then this program will not help you. I know that time is a precious commodity, but for achieving your weight loss goal and improving your life and health, you must be willing to participate with this program. Schedule it in the morning, afternoon or evening or fluctuate the time to fit your schedule .

    Perhaps You are Saying ….”This Sounds Terrific, but Will It Really Help Me Lose Weight?”

    Here is the NO Bull answer!

    Many people start to lose weight immediately, but most people will not see any results for 2 to 3 weeks. The Hypnotic Sensible Weight Loss System is highly effective, but it is not a miracle pill. Do not expect miracles in a week. I don’t offer miracles – only a real, tested, proven system.

    It takes time for your body to adjust. Many people will start to lose weight from day one while others will need three weeks before the weight starts to drop. If you are at least 20 lbs overweight this rapid weight loss is acceptable, but, if you only need to lose a few pounds, I highly recommend that you DO NOT use my system – it’s just too radical approach for just a couple of pounds. This system is not for the recreational dieter, it is not a toy.

    The bottom line is, the amount of weight you lose and the time it takes to start losing the weight depends entirely on your individual metabolism, your dietary and exercise habits, your lifestyle, your medical history and your genetic makeup. Remember that it took time for your body to get in the condition it is today, and it will likewise take time to restore it to normal. The Hypnotic Sensible Weight Loss System WORKS!!! Just give it a chance. YOU WILL LOSE THE WEIGHT YOU DESIRE

    Save Money and Experience the “Sensory Enhanced” Trance State at Your Home or Office at the Time that is Convenient for You!

    Weight loss can be expensive. In addition, many people feel uncomfortable going to see a new counselor. This program allows you to lose weight and experience the trance state in the setting you desire . In addition you need not worry about setting appointments, commuting, parking or last minute changes in your schedule because you can experience the trance state whenever it is easiest for your schedule.

    Here is the Session Costs

    My single session rate is $175.00 per session. When clients come to my office to have me assist with their weight loss, they are billed for 5 sessions a total of $875.00.

    This system gives you 5 full hypnosis trance sessions. If you participate in all program for the recommend minimum 7 times each. You are saving over $6,000. in live hypnosis session fees!

    With this online system you get all the benefits (plus convenience) for just a fraction of the investment, 6 months unlimited access membership for $99.

    So for less then the cost of one live session you receive instant access to the complete 5 separate online hypnosis sessions – just as if you were siting in my office.

    Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals at your own pace.

    Unlike Any Other Weight Loss Book/ System/ Program!

    You receive a completely different package that has ever been available, anywhere. It’s extensive and complete with multiple components!

    This online system would never fit into the traditional book format – that is one reason it is so successful for people . Don’t expect a “fancy designed package,” this is a system that is results oriented not glossy and slick.

    Here is what you receive:

    1. The Hypnotic Sensible Weight Loss System guidebook. 
    2. The Hypnotic Sensible Weight Loss System Participation Forms and worksheets.
    3. 5 All New Deep Trance Hypnosis Sessions

    Core Program
    Exercise Motivation
    Sweets and Snacks
    Motivation Boost

    Participate on computer, tablet, or any mobile phone.

    You receive all video and written components to achieve your weight loss goals at a fraction of the live session investment.

    One Other Consideration

    I hope you will find the power of our programs so beneficial that you join our family of satisfied clients who utilize our programs on a regular basis to achieve their goals. It is my hope to create a relationship with you that will extend beyond this program and allow us to enrich your life and create a happier, healthier more successful you!

    You deserve success!

    I look forward to hearing of your weight loss, I’m sure you will be successful.


    Brian Eslick

    P.S. Sign up today and lose weight! The system is on sale order it today and begin losing weight with hypnosis!

    6 months unlimited access membership for $99.

    Instant Access to ALL parts of the program!

    Warning: Sometimes weight is controlled by a specific physical disorder. Before making any changes in your diet or exercise program, please consult your physician.