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    Stop Smoking Hypnosis In One Session


    The Stop Smoking program is special One-On-One session includes intake, questions & answers, in-depth Hypnosis information, and an advanced deep trance hypnosis session designed for to Stop Smoking in ONE session. 

    With Lifetime Support!

    "I am 45 days as a non smoker. I did have one smoke encounter 2 weeks ago. I thought maybe just trying one would be fun. I found it disgusting and threw it out" Bob M.

    Plus unknown information the cigarette companies don’t want you to know, that will completely change the way you think about cigarettes. 

    "I've hypnotized thousands of people and know what really works"                  

     This is the most comprehensive stop smoking program system ever devised, certified and used by only a select group of hypnotist worldwide. Less then 1% of all hypnotist have access to this system. (includes the Guzzo Protocol, Deep Trance Hypnosis, Advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming and more)
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    Stop Smoking with lifetime support $595 regular price.  You're worth it.

    Schedule your session online or by phone

    Save $100
    Pay today in advance  
    Only $495.

    Not sure check out my How to Stop Smoking - FREE webinar (click here)

    How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?

    So you’re going to spend $600.00 in the next 6-8 weeks anyway on smoking.
    And in a year you would have spent over $3,500 You’re actually going to SAVE $3,5000 per year! and live 14 years longer!  It’s the best investment you’ll ever make. That’s like getting a $3,500 raise a year that goes up with inflation, because lets face it, cigarettes aren’t getting any cheaper.

    It’s too expensive NOT to stop smoking.
    You can’t afford NOT to stop smoking. 


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  • Brian is amazing! I went to him for smoking, and in one session, he cured me. After 7 years of smoking and/or vaping, all the cravings were gone. Thanks again Brian!!!

    Jean Morgan Google - reviews

  • He is such a gifted hypnotist. I've been to a few hypnotist and so far he is the best. I am writing this review to anyone out there who is interesting in having a successful hypnosis session yet not sure which one to go to; go to Brian (New Jersey Family Hypnosis), he is the best

    Johnny Hill Google -reviews

  • Brian is fantastic! He is highly experienced, empathetic and caring. He is very effective and his hypnotic service has really improved my quality of life. I can’t say enough great things about him and his service. It was truly a great experience. I highly recommend him.

    Jeanette Burns Google -reviews

  • Pay out of that old cigarette money!

    Could I make it any EASIER for you?
    This will literally cost you NOTHING!
    and you'll enjoy the benefits for a lifetime!


    Payment plans available. Ask us!