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  • Stress Relief for Busy Professionals

  • Stress Relief for Busy Professionals

    Finally a way to clean up your mind and reset, so you can feel better, sleep better, and focus better.

    “Enjoy a nice Hypnosis trance for everybody not just professionals”


    Introducing a live hypnosis experience in a private small group format. Melt stress away and recharge with Hypnotist Brian Eslick.

    This is perfect for people with busy lives. Bring a friend, spouse, or family member.

    Wednesdays at 7:00 P.M limited seating.

    No long term commitment: experience once, each week, each month. You’ll learn to enjoy it even more each time.

    Sign-up online Here  Pre-Registration Required

    Simply find the date that fits you, pay only $35. and you’re guaranteed a seat.