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Stop Smoking

Ex-smokers live longer...
Many smokers relapse, when they can’t resist a cigarette while participating in an activity during which they’d usually smoked in the past. By using hypnosis to break free of these associations and see themselves as the non-smoker they now are, they will simply not even entertain that idea any longer.*


Phobias, Fears, Unhappiness
Our conscious mind often blocks things we want to tuck away and forget. Going un-resolved may be affecting you in so many ways. Hypnosis can help you resolve personal issues rather quickly.* Maybe you know the reason, maybe you don't. Hypnosis can help you resolve personal issues so you can get on with life.


80% of workers feel stress on the job
Stress and Anxiety is at all time highs, raging across America. Nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress. Stress is instantly reduced when hypnosis is induced. Both mental and physical evidence indicates that the simple act of being hypnotized greatly reduces overall stress on the body*.

Brian Eslick


Board Certified Hypnotist

Realize your potential and achieve goals

Memory Improvement

We all have trouble recalling information from time to time. The information you are trying to retrieve is usually not forgotten. Once the bit of information is recalled, we realize we knew it all along. By using hypnotic techniques people can teach themselves to have instant recall of any fact, and better filing of that information in their own minds in the future.

Get Motivated

Make a commitment right now to succeed and I have no doubt that you will. Perhaps you will even surprise yourself by how easy a hypnotic state is to achieve and how quickly you are able to use it.

Open Creativity

Think about which areas of your life you would like to improve and then work on one specific area during your trance session.

Increase Focus

With repeated hypnosis sessions, you will find yourself dropping down into wonderful and peaceful states of hypnotic trance quickly. Increasing your focus.